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Benefits To Schools

Benefits To Schools
1. We provide a three person crew for each camera setup, (photographer, poser, and a receptionist) to insure proper grooming of each child, collection and handling of money, answering questions, making change. Insuring a smooth running program with quality results, in a minimum amount of time. (We bring two people per camera setup if we do a proof program at your school and no money is collected on picture day.) We also bring a seperate photographer to do your group pictures.
2. We provide a series of gum-backed color record pictures for easy application to cum cards, or other uses. These individually die-cut and sticky-backed prints are delivered alpha, by class, grade or the entire school.
3. A yearbook picture in black and white, or color, formated on an Industry Standard CD-Rom disk specifically designed for your particular yearbook company will also be supplied if you do a yearbook. If you or your yearbook company prefer a hard copy print, we are happy to supply you with that option.
4. Advance information fliers, posters and money envelopes are provided for distribution. All materials to be sent home are pre-counted by average classroom size for your school staff ’s convenience.
5. Photo rolodex cards are available if needed by the office.
6. Student and staff ID cards are supplied.
7. A commission to the school on the sale of picture packages is available. Ask for details.
8. We will supply a CD-ROM of images specifically formated for your school’s data base program to download into your data base.
9. An album of class pictures is supplied to your school for ready reference. Class pictures can be simply titled with the name of the school, teachers and school year or may also included all of the student’s names imprinted on the picture as well. In either case, titling is directly on the pictures, no ugly menu boards!

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