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Benefits To Families

Benefits To Families
1. Three Different Portrait Plans for you to choose from for your school families. All plans include an unconditional 100% guarantee of satisfaction through either a re-take option or refund. All three plans allow your parents to select either a “set” package choice, or, they can “custom build” a package assortment to exactly fit their needs. Those parents desiring additional photographs, can do so on a re-order basis by mail.
PREPAY: Our simplest plan is the prepay plan. It provides a variety of portrait assortments from which the family may select to best meets their needs. With this plan, pictures are paid for on picture day; a “money envelope” is sent home for the parents to return with their payment.
PROOF: This plan is our “Most Popular Plan” as it offers the parents the option of viewing a selection of pictures (usually 3) before selecting a package assortment. This is a great benefit to the parents; however, it does place the school in the roll of collecting the money envelopes by a deadline date.
SPECULATION: For this plan we print the same size package assortment of every student we photograph. Parents can then view the finished pictures and decide to buy all of them, some of them or none of them. This plan also involves the school in the showing and selling of the portraits. This plan is only avaiable in the spring. Both the proof and speculation plans have a slightly higher price point than the pre-pay plan due to the higher costs involved in producing the product.
2. Retouching! Any package may be retouched to reduce/remove blemishes, bruises, or abrasions the student may have on their face.
3. Focusing Cameras with a Head Sizing Mask in the viewfinder to insure consistent head sizes on the picture packages, school yearbook, and ID cards.
4. Two Household Picture Package We have a package designed for seperated households that can easily be divided in half.
5. We offer a “Build Your Own Package” option so that parents can create a package to fit their needs. We also offer many “Al a carte” options for those people who don’t need a quantity of pictures.
6. A second opportunity to purchase pictures is provided on make-up day. Students who were absent the first time may purchase pictures and are photographed for school records whether they buy pictures or not.
7. Finished packages are delivered in 20 working days (four calendar weeks) or less. Each package contains a quality guarantee and reorder information. Extras may be ordered by direct mail.
8. We bring the necessary grooming supplies so that each student will look their best. We use 1 comb per child to avoid any possible contamination. Supplies include handy wipes, a mirror for older students who prefer to groom themselves, and an atomizer spray water bottle for stray hair.

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