School Pictures

Provide professionally trained portrait artists withb 30 years of experience in photographing children. Provide a three person crew for each individual camera set-up, a photographer, poser and receptionist. (We use a two person crew for proof schools). We also send a separate group photographer. Pre-count (by your average classroom size), all material that goes home (fliers, money envelopes, etc… and bundle it for easy distribution to the classrooms. Alpha sort to your specifications, all school service items such as ID cards, CUM record prints, etc… Prepare ahead of time all student and staff data needed for picture day; so that picture day goes faster. Supply a CD-Rom Disk or, die-cut photographic print of all student and staff pictures are archived to your specific yearbook company’s specifications to remove layout headaches for your yearbook advisor.
Imprint names of students, school and school year on the group picture. No more ugly menu boards. Pay a commission on picture sales, or, pass the savings onto the parents.
Allow the helper moms who volunteer to help with traffic flow and grooming to pick any package they desire. Offer the parents the choice to custom build a picture package to fit their needs. Offer a retouching option to remove blemishes and other minor skin problems. Provide prompt, quality, customer service from a local, family owned business. Donate to your school’s silent auction fundraisers.

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